Kevin's Bar

The brick arch way looking into this Naperville Basement Bar is stunning!  

Looks like a fun space to entertain guests.

Sam's Basement Bar
Dave's Basement & Bar
Winston's Basement
Basement Rehab

After a burst refrigerator water line claimed this finished basement space, we came in and restored it!  

Even added a sitting bar behind the couch!

Tall Grass Basement in Naperville

 A brick arch and brick wall treatments help warm a basement which was designed as a kids gathering place complete with an Arcade game room, full theater, soda/snack bar, and large great room.

Irish Bar & Wine Room

 An oak wine barrel was adapted into a wine tasting table in this updated basement’s wine room situated just behind the Irish bar serving as the focal point of the basement. 

Irish Pub & Billards

 Guests sitting at this Iris Pub inspired bar can overlook a game of pocket pool or a sporting event on the large projector screen in this open concept basement finish with active feel theater seating.


Finished Basement in Naperville 1

 Stone walls and granite tops create an inviting wine cellar in this exciting basement that also offers a workout room, theater inspired family room, and kids Xbox nook. 

Basement Finish in Naperville 2





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